Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where is LngRdr?

One device I use while on long rides is a Spot tracker , a device that tracks my progress and also has a messaging function for normal updates or to send the cavalry in case I have an accident or am pinned down by a group of Hell's Angels and down to my last magazine.  Most of the long distance riders use them as a tool to let loved one's know they are still ok and also to document their rides.  In fact, the Iron Butt Rally is currently in progress and as you can see from this link showing their progress, they are making a fast track across the country, picking up as many bonus locations as they can before the end of Leg 2 in Sacramento. IBR public Spotwalla .
I'm nowhere near the accomplished long distance rider of these guys but I do occasionally put a few miles on Bridget the Beemer in a day.  Yesterday, I rode over to Arkansas, met up with my friend John in Ft. Smith, and he led me on a tour of some twisty back roads up to Eureka Springs where we had a nice lunch before riding back down highway 21 to I40.  I decided to ride on home and made it in about 9:45.  Not a bad day of riding from my 6:30 am departure from home.  Maybe I might make a long distance rider yet.  Here's my spot tracker route from my little ride to eat.  Thanks John for a nice day of Arkansas twisty roads.

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