Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tulsa BMW Summer Adventure

The BMW dealer in Tulsa,  Iron Lightning is having a summer adventure contest where you ride your bike to several places around Oklahoma as pictured in the passport book they handed out.  Some of the locations are named and some are up to the rider to figure out what and where they are.  Once you ride to the location, you take a picture of the location with you and/or your bike included.
The contest runs from July 1 until September and is a fun way to see some of the sites in Oklahoma.  Today, we rode to the roaring metropolis of Gene Autry, OK to take a picture of the bike with the Gene Autry museum in the background.  It was a good day for a ride and we took the long way down, Hwy 9 east to Hwy 102 south, Hwy 39 east to Hwy 177 south, to Hwy 53 west.  On the way home we rode Hwy 77 north thru the Turner Falls area, stopped for a fried pie, then hit I35 north for the rest of the trip.  A total ride of just under 200 miles in just less than 4 hours.  I ran my gas gauge all the way down to just 10 miles remaining and hope I can make it to the gas station in the morning before I run out.  Here's a picture of yours truly and Bridget The Beemer in front of the Gene Autry sign.

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