Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Great Salt Plains

As I've mentioned before, the Tulsa BMW store has a summer adventure contest going on until the end of September.  They've picked several sites around the state, some with locations, and some you have to determine where they are based on the picture they've provided.  I've visited all but 4 of the sites and today it was the Great Salt Plains just west of Jet, OK.  I've lived in Oklahoma most of my 57 years and have never seen this area of the state.
My friend Tom and I rode up there this afternoon and stopped to enjoy some Eichen's chicken along the way in Okarche at the oldest bar in Oklahoma.  Tom had never been and didn't know quite what to expect but once he got past the no menu and chicken delivered with some wax paper to eat it off of, he liked it.
Tom used to live in this area and we took a short cut that led us down a gravel road that quickly turned to sand.  A bit of slipping and sliding but we made it without dropping the bikes and I have to say, it's pretty vast area of salt plains, in fact, I'd say great even.  Here's a pic of today's big adventure.