Monday, August 19, 2013

Rides between the rides

I've been back from my northwest ride a few weeks now and have mostly been just riding around locally and to a few more of the Tulsa BMW Summer Adventure tour locations.  I made runs last week NE to the Blue Whale at Catoosa, the big oil guy at Expo Center in Tulsa, Bartlesvile, Great Salt Plains Lake, and Ponca City.  Well...Ponca City was a screw up on my part, the correct item I'm supposed to photograph is The Pioneer Museum in Woodward, not the Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City.  Oh well, it was a nice week for riding, sure can't complain about highs in the 80's in August.
Later this week I'm headed north to the Very Boring Rally, The Aerostich company is putting on in Duluth, Minnesota.  Long distance riding legend, John Ryan will be speaking on Saturday as well as several other seminars and some nice riding.  I'll be able to add Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to my states ridden in map when I get back.
I'm also getting into a new game, long distance rallying.  My first attempt will be at the Big Texas Rally in October I've been thinking about this ever since the Iron Butt Rally in July.  This rally is 36 hours in length and most of us will ride between 900 and 1800 miles.  Basically, you get a rally packet with multiple locations called bonuses, each worth a certain number of points.  Some of these require a picture of you and your rally flag or bike, require you to take some other action, or answer a question about that location.  Your job is to take the packet, look at the locations, figure out how many you can safely ride to and still make it to the check in location on time.  There is a required rest bonus in this rally as well as at least one mandatory bonus stop.  It's not a race, more like a scavenger hunt on wheels.  I'm looking forward to giving it a try so be watching for my rally report after I ride in it.  That's it for today's update, I'll clue you in to all the excitement from this weekend's Very Boring Rally when I get back next Monday.  Here's a few pics of some summer adventure locations in Ok.