Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Riding

Went on a couple of short rides this weekend around my usual routes. My friend Kevin and I did the Hwy 9 to Hwy 102 south route yesterday with a nice ride along Slaughterville Road. I just found this road last week and its got some fun hills and curves. My riding partner, Missy and I went around Lake Draper and Starbucks as well. 
This morning I rode Hwy 102 north to Rt 66 and then into Edmond for lunch with my daughter and grand kids. The high today was only in the 80's so it was pleasant riding conditions. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ride plan for BMW MOA rally and Iron Butt Bun Burner Gold attempt

I'll be posting my trips this summer on this blog.  My next big adventure is to the BMW MOA rally in Salem, Oregon. I plan to leave on July 13th and attempt a Bun Burner Gold, Iron Butt ride of 1537 miles in less than 24 hours to just the other side of Boise, ID.  I have a cousin that lives near there I can visit before I meander at a much easier pace up towards Salem.  I'm not sure about my return route yet but thinking about going over to Missoula, Montana, then down Hwy 89 thru Beartooth Pass, Chief Joseph Highway, and Wyoming.  I may go to the Top Of the Rockies Rally before I head on home. You can check out the IBA here . Here's my planned route as it stands right now.