Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Tour Of Honor

I got up this morning and rode down to Ardmore for a Tour of Honor stop.  There were some thunder storms dancing around in south Oklahoma but they all moved off to the east before my arrival.  Here is the memorial in Ardmore.
After Ardmore, I rode over to Durant and had lunch with a retired postal friend of mine, Terry Brooks , who retired as the Postmaster of Ardmore.  I enjoyed visiting with him and his wife, Renee, who was kind enough to bring us lunch.  After the lunch stop in Durant, it was a short ride over to Atoka for a visit to the memorial there on Highway 75.  Here's a pic of it.
The last stop on the list for Oklahoma this year is in Owasso and I started to ride on up there today but came on home instead.  I'll visit it next week and stop in to visit a long distance riding friend, Steve Bracken.  I'm going to interview him for a new podcast a friend and I are starting called Long Riders Radio, stay tuned for more info on our first episode.

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  1. Another beautiful day for riding. Glad you dodged the thunderstorms too.